About Us


Manakin Studio is the name of creative duo Sophie Stjernman and Hanna Svedman.
Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Manakin Studio explores the world of natural dyes, with an ambition to create as good a product as possible. It’s a tribute to slow sustainable local fashion. 

The colors in the clothes derive from indigo, avocado, logwood, onion and other natural dyestuff, using little to no chemicals in the process. The fabric qualities are organic cotton, linen, wool and eri silk.
Eri silk is also know as peace silk or non-violent silk as it is harvested after the eri moth has left the cocoon.

All the garments are handmade in the studio in Gothenburg and are one of a kind. 


Eri silk kimono dyed with natural indigo using shibori technique 


Exploring the world of natural dyes

about manakin studio